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I just got a review for Mating Moon by Hearts on Fire. Check it out.
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Author: Lexi Dehalo
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 
Rating: ★★★½☆ 
Summary:  Night Stragorri was born to hunt. As heir to the Stragorri bloodline, it’s his sole purpose to kill any paranormal that threatens human life. He is bound by blood to the Hunter code, but he desperately wants a way out. He didn’t imagine in a million years that one fateful visit to a shifter-infested nightclub would bring him face-to-face with the man who would change his destiny.
Akira Landers is a Were-panther with a painful history. Adopted into a pack of werewolves at an early age, he learned to fear Hunters above all others. Working at the pack-run nightclub, things are always eventful, but even he is surprised at the Hunter who enters their domain and more surprised by the attraction he feels for the other man.
Inexplicably drawn together, sparks ignite, but their pasts seek to divide them as they struggle to accept their love in a world where Hunters and Weres are mortal enemies 
Review: Night Stragorri is a Hunter and next in line to be King of the Hunters, he is a Stragorri.  It is a prestigious title to be this kind of killer. The Hunters are there to protect humans from the paranormals, to keep them safe.  At least that is what the intent of it was supposed to be.  Night isn’t so sure anymore.  He leaves the emotionless, brutal world of his family to strike out on his but he is unable to leave the Stragorri Hunter legacy.  He must continue to kill those the Hunter Council deems dangerous or be killed himself.  It reminded me a lot of “they made me do it” as he is rationalizing how he has no choice but to blindly follow orders and kill.
It is at this time, just after a kill, that he enters a shifter bar and finds Akira, a were-panther.  Akira, oh my I loved him.  Lip piercings, dark purple and blue hair, purple eyes, he is just lovely.  Akira has a bad past in terms of the Hunters and yet he is still a sweet and basically happy person.  Akira performs an act of kindness for Night and Night is faced with feelings, probably for the first time.  He is also fun to read.  He begs himself not to hump Night’s leg, begs God to not let him get a hard on in front of Night, purrs and growls.
The Pack is not sweet.  At least, the Alpha and his rules?  It is almost understandable why humans fear them.  Akira doesn’t answer Alpha’s mental call immediately?  He is whipped (with a whip) until he is bloodied.  He makes the Alpha wait for a few minutes on his Mating Moon night?  He is punched in the face.   He has a mate but it’s mating moon?  Well, the mate better win because otherwise he can be given to whoever wins, even if that shifter has already backhanded him publicly for no reason.  I did not like the Pack rules.  Alpha claims “my little Akira” but his actions seemed to show otherwise.  The fact that Akira could be given to someone (even if only for 48 hours) who will probably abuse him based on behavior, but won a fight, did not sit well with me.  It all seemed very, for lack of a better word, animalistic.  The Stragorri, who mate only for reproduction and power, were no better but it was at least expected from them!
This was a solid four for me except I felt the end was too easy, too simply solved.  That could have been a major plot point and it was quickly over.  That was a little disappointing but all in all this is a good beginning to a new series.  I am eager to see what happens with the Stragorri in general and with Night’s new life particularly.  Recommended for shifter fans.

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