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Today the lovely, J. Annas Walker is being featured as a guest on Wicked Thoughts and she's here to talk about a rather interesting topic: Playing with Healthier Food. Also, don't forget to check out her paranormal/fantasy release Water's Lover, now available!

Born and raised among the Blue Ridge Mountain of western North Carolina, J. Annas Walker was brought up in a culture rich oral history and storytelling. Wrought out of this tradition, writing had always been a hobby for her. After acquiring a bachelor of science in civil engineering technology from UNC-Charlotte, she continued writing and retelling stories learned in childhood.

Ellen wanted nothing more than go home after a miserable week of camping at the lake. Sitting by the water’s edge, she finds the lake has more to offer than beautiful scenery and sweltering heat. But will she escape Mark’s wrath and find a way to keep love’s magic?

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Playing with Healthier Foods

Food can add a new and exciting dimension to foreplay and even the act of sex itself. We’ve read the lists. The usual suspects show up over and over. Champagne, strawberries or some other fresh fruit, chocolate and caramel syrup, whip cream, and the like get all the attention.
That’s all well and good, but what about we folks who want to have a good time without all the sugar. While not a diabetic, I can’t consume a pile of sugar without consequences. There has to be a lower carb solution, I thought.

Unfortunately, when I tried to search sexy diabetic foods, nothing close to it came up within the first ten pages. What! For a society that harps on how obese everyone is, no one seems to want to slap health and sexy into the same sentence.  Try that same search without the word diabetic and watch the flood of information fill your screen. Something had to give.
I finally gave up the internet search and decided to do a little food list switch-a-roo. Since keeping sex exciting is all about experimenting, I decided to try taking a few sugar-laden lists and find similar alternatives to see how they worked.

  1. Chocolate and caramel syrup – You really need to get a good brand to get the sexy without the weird chemical after taste here from the sugar substitutes. Hershey’s has a sugar-free chocolate. According to the company’s site, there is no caramel flavor to swap, but they do have a sugar-free strawberry. They were available in most every grocery store in my area and reasonably priced.
  2. Whipped cream – This one turned into a DIY project. It was fairly simple and doesn’t take a chef to prepare. All I needed was a ½ cup of whipping cream and 1 TBLS of sugar substitute. Stir the substitute until it dissolves and then use a hand mixer until the cream stiffens, about a minute. I used the yellow packaged sucralose, but it will work with the blue, pink, or the green stuff.
  3. Champagne – So, you want a little liquor to loosen things up, or maybe a bubbly body shot from the navel is your thing. Try club soda, diet tonic water, or a diet soft drink mixer. Vodka and gin are the lowest carb options. However, a little rum or whiskey used judiciously can be fun, too. A bartender friend of mine suggested 2 oz. of Southern Comfort and a half a can of your favorite diet lemon-lime soft drink.
  4. Fresh fruit – For this one, I whipped out the ol’ Atkins carb counter chart. We all need fresh fruit and veggies. What we don’t need is a diabetic coma. Strawberries and the like are fine, but remember to pre-measure everything. Does it lose the spontaneity? Yeah, but all this stuff requires you to plan ahead. Just whip out the measuring cup and some storage containers. ¼ cup of strawberries gives you 1.8 net grams of carbs. Swap that ¼ cup of mango for the same amount of papay and you go from 6.3 to 2.8 net grams. Figs? Give grapes or cherries a try. You can have ¼ cup for less sugar than one fig. Who wants to share a single fig?
  5. Breath mints – Oh, goodie! This one is easy. Peppermint candy comes in sugar-free varieties from a number of companies. Roll one of these around your mouth before a little oral play and watch the sparks fly! Do not try a really strong mint. That tingle will quickly turn to pain, if you go for the strong stuff.
Keep it simple – a mug of hot water and a glass of iced water lets you play with temperature without a single calorie or carb to fret over. Talk about no guilt! Just be careful the hot water isn’t going to scald your mouth or their body part! Test it first and do not use a coffee mug warmer. You want to be sexy, not explain burns to the ER nurse.There are a number of items to play with these days. Sugar-free puddings and light yogurts would be great to play with, if whipped-cream is to cliché for you. Look around and think to yourself, “What could I do with that?” You’ll be amazed at what you can find to play with for a healthier option.

Atkins, Robert C., Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution, Avon Books. New York. 2002


  1. I loved this post. "You want to be sexy, not explain burns to the ER nurse". Good stuff. :)


    1. I have a relative who works for a hospital. You should hear the stories they tell! "She says it was an accident, but..." or "I then I said, 'You got a what stuck where?'" I try to remind myself (and others) not to do anything that could turn into an ER legend. How embarrassing! Think safety!!!

  2. I really had not thought about using food to be sexy even though I have read about it. Thanks for some good ideas.

  3. You're welcome! I highly recommend getting a twin size or larger waterproof mattress cover to throw down on the bed. The ones for kids have a flannel cover, making them softer. Those syrups can make a terrible mess. With a cover, you can wrap the whole thing up and toss it in the wash. Voila! Clean bed for snuggle time! So whip out some sticky fruits to rub on those kissable lips and to share as a nibble without the fussy clean up! FYI This trick works for those body oils, as well.

    1. Hmm I feel a trip to the store will be in my near future! LOL. These are some excellent tips I especially like the no mess afterwards option!