Random thoughts for the week.

So I'm still waiting to hear back on Be-WERE 2 from the publisher. Hopefully there will be good news soon. In the mean time, Be-WERE 3 has been coming along nicely. I've got a good idea of where this story is going and the writing cycle has begun once again! When I first start a book, I can't wait to write it and be done with it so I can share it with everyone else, but I know by the time I get to the end I will probably be banging my head against a wall :) It seems to be the cycle all writers go through. I'm still playing around with title ideas for the third book. I'm debating on whether or not to continue with the theme and include the word "moon" in the title or deviate from it and give the book it's own creative  name. Naming a book is always hard for me. I really want the title to be something that defines the book so who knows what I'll finally decide.

On the other hand, aside from giving some updates, I wanted to share a beautiful song that served as inspiration for the couple in Forbidden Moon [Be-WERE 2]. Enjoy :)


  1. oh~ So happy to see the second book coming soon and book 3 already in the works. I absolutely loved the first one!
    For the title I would say just go with whatever feels right to you, but I personally think it would be pretty cool to continue having moon somewhere in the title. LOL...

    Thanks for sharing the song... it's really beautiful... almost... melancholy..

    1. I recently discovered this band and I must say I am enjoying them even if their songs are a little on the sad side. It makes for good inspiration ^.^ I just got notification that Be-Were 2 has been accepted and will be out sometime in May. I'll post an update when I know the exact date :)