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There's a Blog Party happening over at After Dark and I've been featured along with many other talented authors!

Here's a bit of my personal interview that is currently being featured over there and a never before look at the world of Mating Moon.

Featured Interview at After Dark:

Look who is sitting with us now, its Lexi DeHalo-
·         For hot and naughty scenes, do you take from  experience, or pure imagination and fantasy?
I would say it’s a little bit of both. Experience can go a long way, in the fact that it can be really hard to write a scene to which you’ve never experienced or witnessed, especially when it comes to writing how a character would feel in a given situation. I like to pull from my resources, be it a personal experience, or something a close friend has shared with me. But of course, there is always an element of fantasy involved as well. A good imagination, can make for some very creative scenes, couple that with some research and an author can get pretty creative for those naughty moments!
We agree, you need to know what you are writing about, even the hot an juicy parts. But we have to admit it is fun to think “outside the box!”
·         Chocolate or Sex? Wine or Liquor?
Sex. No contest there ha ha. I love the feeling of being lost in passion with the person you love. It can be soul reaching experience or something quick and dirty, either way I can honestly say it’s never been bad for me!
Wine or liquor? It depends. If I’m in a particularly romantic mood, nothing beats a good Moscato. If I’m looking to have a good time and let loose, then liquor is my preferred drink. Nothing straight, though. I love me some good mixed drinks. Currently a Midori Sour is my drink of choice.
Sex really, I think that is a shock.. NOT! Sex can get you in a happier place quicker and longer, plus it’s a team sport, more people can play!
Totally agree with you on the Liquor, sometime you need a little more!
·         What attracts your personal attention more, the bad boy, dangerous, and dominating type, or the sweet, fun and loving type?
Okay, I have to be a little cliché here, I fall for bad boys, but only because I tend to scare off the sweet ones! My personality can be very abrasive. I am a woman who knows what she likes and is not afraid to speak her mind, which is a little intimidating to some sweet, loving types. That is not to say I don’t like the sweet ones, it’s just they usually don’t know how to handle me. I definitely need a bad boy who’s not afraid to take on a challenge.
Someone with a firm hand huh. Sometimes speaking up is worth the spanking!
·         If you could take one person into your bed, who would it be?
If this question had been asked a month ago, I probably wouldn’t have had an answer. However, recently I have been watching Supernatural and introduced to Jensen Ackles. My life hasn’t been the same since LOL. I love his cocky, humorous, bad boy attitude. He definitely fits the bill of my “ideal” guy!
OMG, he is yummy! We do love some juicy Jensen Ackles here! Any women would love to take a tumble in the sheets with that man!
Lexi DeHalo
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A Glimpse at the World of Mating Moon:
Mating Moon is the first in the Be-WERE series and has a little bit of history that creates the setting for the book:
A couple hundred years ago, a war between humans and the paranormal community (shifters, vampires, fae, and other assortment of non-humans) broke out as each species fought to be the superior race. Most human civilizations at the time didn’t stand a chance compared to the power and strengths of the paranormals, so the world leaders gathered in a last effort to uphold the human way of life and created a genetically altered race of humans that could fight against the paranormals. This race became known as the Hunters. Years later, most humans have sectioned themselves off from the rest of the paranormal communities, and the rest that brave living amongst them are protected by the Hunter race, sanctioned to track and kill anyone that threatens the human way of life.
Mating Moon picks up many years after the Race Wars and follows the story of Night Stragorri and Akira Landers. Night is a Hunter, heir to the ruling Hunter family of the City of Lupunar. He is exhausted with the Hunter way of life but has no other options. Once a Hunter, always a Hunter. To go against his family would be a death sentence. Fed up with his father’s tyrannical rule, Night decides to leave the safety of his family’s estate and carry out his duties as a Hunter on his own. The more he lives away from the Hunter race, the more Night realizes that the Hunter Code, to protect the innocent, is no longer upheld. Instead, most Hunters have become a corrupt ruling body that kills any paranormal who dares to the cross their path, innocent or not.
Akira Landers is panther shifter with a past. After his brother was killed by a Hunter, Akira joined the ranks of the East Side Pack. It is at their night club, Eclipse that he meets Night for the first time. Instantly drawn to the Hunter, they embark on a whirlwind romance. Along the way, they will be confronted with the reality of the world they live in and that true love isn’t easily won. In the end, can Night, a Hunter-born, free himself from his duty in order to be with the man he loves? And can Akira overcome the horrors in his past before it’s too late?

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