Contest Announcement!

The lovely Ms. Downs and I have decided to do a joint giveaway to celebrate our mutual release date! One lucky person will get a copy of Forbidden Moon [Be-Were 2] and Ravyn’s Temptation [Ravyn Warriors 6] on the day of release. The contest will run until midnight on May 24 and the winner will be announced on May 25.

So what do you have to do to enter the contest? Just answer the question below and don’t forget to leave your email address.

 *** If could choose to be any type of paranormal creature, which would it be and why? ***

Tony is a man used to putting aside his own emotions for duty. However, when Prince Salvatore assigns him to interrogate the prince’s younger cousin over his alleged betrayal, Tony finds putting his own emotions away is much harder than expected. He was half in love with Theron before he was in league with the enemy, and now the constant interaction is breaking Tony’s limits faster than he can erect them.

Theron is a man without options. Desmond imprisoned his friends and demanded he pass on Salvatore’s secrets or else. Trusting outsiders has never worked out for him, and confiding in Tony seems out of the question. However, Tony promises him a life unlike any he’s experienced before and loving him is far too easy. But can he risk his friends’ lives on new love? And will Tony be able to lay aside duty to prove to Theron that giving in to temptation is worth the risk to his heart?


Adam Anderson must put aside his broken heart for his Pack. Taking on a dangerous mission deep within the mountains is a step in the right direction. When Adam is severely injured, he is rescued by a lone shifter with a past as troubled as his own. What evolves from there is a romance that awakens feelings he hasn’t had since the death of his mate.

After his pack’s betrayal, Cersin Everett swore never to trust again. He resigned himself to a solitary life far away from both pack and past. However, a hunting trip turned rescue mission brings him a man who can teach him what it means to hope again.

As Sin shows Adam his world, it becomes harder for them to deny their growing feelings. But theirs is a forbidden match, an unmated pairing. They will have to either surrender their newfound love or be torn apart by the world outside the sanctuary of Sin’s home.


  1. I would be a fire-breathing dragon who can fly. Someone gets on my nerves--snort fire or chomp or both! LOL I am not a violent person normally--but hey I can dream.

    1. I love dragons. I have to say they're definitely one of the more interesting options :)

  2. I would be a werepanther. I've always loved how they look, especially the eyes. The thought of being able to change into such a powerful and exotic creature is thrilling.