Guest Blogger: Taylor Brooks

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Taylor Brooks is here today to talk about the third release in her Sultry SoCal series, Excite Me. So enjoy :)
About the Author
Taylor Brooks is new to the publishing world. A person who loves to read and write, she finds herself drawn to the stories told of gay lovers, and finds the passion told in such stories absolutely beautiful. This also explains why her genre of choice for her writing is GLBT.
In addition to Take Me, Taylor has many stories brewing inside her head just itching to break free. Including a couple of stories she's started, but isn't quite sure where the characters are going to take things. At least not yet anyway. Stay tuned for more from Ms. Brooks as she strives for exciting ways to tease and please her readers.
For more information on her latest releases, visit the links below:

Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Phillip Archer spent the past ten years playing as a starting defensive end in the NFL. After a career-ending injury he was forced to rethink his life, and his future. Stepping down from the hustle and bustle of the limelight and taking a job as the offensive coordinator of a small Pac-12 school seemed like the perfect remedy to get things back on track and kick-start this new chapter in his life.
Richard Olson was single, independent, and loving life in Southern California. He had his career that he loved as a veteran lifestyle reporter for the local news, and that was all he needed to keep him happy and warm at night. Or so he thought. The day he ran into his old college crush Phillip, all bets were off.
The only question that remains is who will win, or if perhaps they both end up playing for keeps in a game of winner-take-all.

Richard came out of the bathroom. A sly and wicked grin on his face. “I should’ve known to look there first.”
Phillip didn’t miss the shit-eating grin on Richard’s face, nor did he miss that he was hiding something underneath the towel he carried. He looked like he just won one of those board games that went on for hours and no one would dare to surrender to. Death by Monopoly his mom would call it.
“What do you have hiding under the towel there, babe?”
“Huh?” Richard looked at the towel and set it down on the bed. “This? Oh, don’t you worry your pretty, little head about that.”
Phillip looked down and quirked his eyebrow. “Umm…I’m not thinking it is so little right about now. It seems to grow exponentially the more time I spend with you.”
To prove his point, Phillip slipped his fingers inside the waist band of his briefs and pulled them down. As soon as he passed the threshold and freed himself from the constraining fabric, his cock sprang free. It bobbed out and selfishly screamed for attention like a toy which had sat on a shelf, being ignored for far too long.
 “Yeah?” Richard came toward him, his steps slow, his voice but a whisper as he started to remove the tank top and boxer shorts he was wearing. “Maybe I should get the rest of these clothes off and we’ll play a little game.”
“Hmm…a game, huh? What do I get if I win?”
“Me,” Richard said matter-of-factly, while tossing his tank, slipping out of his boxers.
The same cock he had sucked as if his life depended on it the night before was now standing at attention, begging for him to notice it. Notice it he did. He remembered just how good it felt to have that cock in his hand, his mouth, sliding across his tongue.
“And what do you get if you win?”
“Ahh…I see. So there are no real losers in this game then.”
Richard removed his socks and came toward him. He dropped to his knees and looked up at him. Phillip’s cock was no more than an inch away from the lips he loved to kiss.
“Only winners,” Richard added just before he opened his mouth and sucked the length of Phillip’s cock clear down to his balls.
Fuck! Phillip grabbed onto the back of Richard’s head and held him to his dick. He was hitting the back of Richard’s throat, causing the sucking motions to vibrate against his cock.
Somehow Richard had managed to turn his mouth into a hot and wet, luxurious vacuum. He was sucking him off so sweetly he couldn’t help but just stand there, completely still, while he allowed Richard to love him with his mouth.
For several moments of utter bliss, Richard sucked, licked, and stroked his cock. Working him almost to the point of orgasm several times then slowing his pace and starting all over again.
The man had to be a god, or at least some sort of angelic servant whose only purpose in life was to bring sexual pleasure which was out of this world. Maybe he was magic. A being sent from far, far away who lived in a world where sexually they were far more advanced than the simple humans of earth.
He was sure there had to be some reason to explain why Richard sucking his cock felt like the first and only blow job he’d ever had. It was as if any blow jobs given by anyone ever amounted to nothing compared to the genius that Richard was with his tongue.
The cool air of his air-conditioned apartment washed across his wet cock, and he opened his eyes and looked down. Surprisingly he hadn’t even realized they were closed. His body and mind had been so focused on the ecstasy that Richard was providing he tuned everything else out around him.
Richard was walking toward the bed. He didn’t look back at Phillip. His movements were swift and precise as though he was on some sort of mission.
He watched while Richard laid the towel out on the bed. Next he waited in anticipation, wondering what he was doing as Richard fumbled with something in his hand.
A moment later his eyes grew wide and his cock went from hard to something that could cut a diamond in half. His cock throbbed painfully, and he nearly came from the sight that played out before him as he watched Richard apply a liberal amount of lubricant to his asshole.
Phillip walked toward him, his steps slow and methodical. He was sure that if he moved too much he would climax right here and now before he even had a chance to bury himself in the creamy colored ass that looked so inviting.


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