Sneak Peak: Moon Resonance [Be-Were 3]

Moon Resonance is now available on Bookstrand! Check out the exclusive sneak peak below. Also, be on the lookout for Moon's Captive [Be-Were 4] coming August 21.

Moon Resonance [Be-Were 3]
Exclusive Sneak Peak

The day was hot and Charlie could feel the sweat dripping down his back. He hated being overheated, but it sure as hell beat the cold. He glanced back at the Halfling traveling with him.
Xander Wilde was an interesting man. Most of the time he was a smart-ass that didn’t know when to shut up, but he was growing on Charlie. Maybe it was being stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, Charlie really didn’t know, but whatever it was, he was definitely carrying a major hard-on for the redheaded spitfire.
They rounded the next tree, and the sight that greeted them was like an answer to his prayers. The cool swimming hole with the small cascading waterfall was one of the most beautiful things Charlie had ever seen, and it wasn’t just because he was about ready to keel over from heat stroke, either.
He let out a cry of excitement as he pulled off the remainder of his clothes.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Xander exclaimed as Charlie stood before him completely naked.
“I’m going for a swim. You can join me if you like. I promise I don’t bite.”
He flashed him a mischievous grin before he climbed one of the ledges and dived right in. The feel of the cold water surrounding him was just what he’d needed. It was instantaneous relief.
He came to surface and breathed a sigh of contentment before he swam over to the embankment Xander was sitting on. The water was deep. Charlie couldn’t even reach the ground when he’d jumped in from the ledge, and despite being close to the spot where the ground ended and the water pool began, Charlie’s six foot frame still couldn’t reach the bottom.
“Come on, get in,” Charlie pleaded with Xander. The man looked as hot as Charlie had felt only moments ago.
There was a second of hesitancy, before Xander began to strip. He had a slender body, but the ridges of his muscles shimmered with the sweat that trickled down his chest.
A wave of desire coursed through Charlie as he watched Xander remove layer after layer of clothing until he was completely nude. His messy red hair hung in front his emerald-colored eyes as he swung his legs over the edge and into the water. Xander hissed as he lowered his body into the cold wetness.
“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Charlie said as he tried to mask his desire. He swam closer, his wolf yearning to be near him.
There was trepidation in Xander’s eyes, and it must have been something in the way Charlie was looking at him that caused Xander to back up, but there was nowhere to go.
“I can’t seem to figure you out,” Charlie noted as he studied Xander. “I don’t understand why I want you with every fiber of my being.”
The observation was honest as he reached for Xander. Charlie’s hand found his waist, and he pulled himself closer, so close that if he wanted to all he would have to do is lean in and claim him. Then it was as though the thought was too tempting to resist. Charlie suddenly had to have him, had to taste him. His lips came crashing down on Xander’s as he forced the Halfling’s mouth open for his own perusal.
Xander moaned against him, and Charlie couldn’t stop there. His hands were groping his waist, feeling every inch of exposed flesh that he could.
“Need you–now,” Charlie said through breaks in their kisses. He felt his eyes glowing with their own internal light, the animal inside him demanding to take Xander right here and right now.
Xander returned his advances as his hands wound their way around Charlie’s hips, clawing at his backside. Charlie pushed apart the Halfling’s legs, allowing room for him to position himself. He could feel Xander’s hard cock pressing against his abdomen as he moved in closer, bracing himself on the ledge behind Xander.
Charlie wanted more than anything to reach in between Xander’s legs and ease the aching member that was erect for him, but he knew if he let go of his grip on the ledge, he wouldn’t be able to keep himself afloat.
“Sweet goddess, have mercy on me,” Xander breathed as he pulled Charlie closer. “I can’t—”
Charlie interrupted him with another kiss.
“I won’t be able to—”  
Another kiss.
“Stop. If this keeps up,” Xander said at last, pushing Charlie back.
Charlie let out a low growl in protest. He didn’t want to stop. He didn’t want this feeling to ever end. Xander was his. He wanted to claim, mark him, make him his.
Xander splashed Charlie’s face with the cool water, snapping him out of the lust-induced fever.
“Easy there, wolf boy,” Xander said with a small smile on his face. “I can’t let you get too distracted, now can I? You’re supposed to be guarding me, remember?”
Charlie groaned at the reminder. Xander was right. If someone had attacked them right then, Charlie wouldn’t have even noticed until it was too late.
He hated this.
Since when was he a lust-crazed wolf?
He pushed off the ledge and dived under the water, putting as much distance between him and Xander as he could. This Halfling was filling his thoughts with very, very wicked things, and if Charlie didn’t find some kind of release soon, he feared he was going to go insane from the sheer agony of being turned on all the damn time.
He broke the surface and was happy to see Xander getting out of the water, but still, Charlie’s eyes immediately went to Xander’s stiff member. He groaned again in frustration at the ache that resided between his own legs.
God, what do I have to do to get him out of my head?
There was no way Charlie was going to be able to last another few days alone with Xander Wilde and maintain a strictly professional relationship.
Yup, he was screwed.

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