Guest Blogger: J. Annas Walker

J. Annas Walker is here to talk about her latest release, Scion's Avalon. It's the second book in her House of Dracul series. Enjoy!
J. Annas Walker

Born and raised among the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, J. Annas Walker was brought up in a culture rich with oral history and storytelling. Wrought out of this tradition, writing became a hobby for her.
After acquiring a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering Technology from UNC-Charlotte, she continued writing and retelling stories learned in childhood. Many if these were expanded to entertain her children. This led her to write short stories to entertain her sisters, Jennifier and Kate.
One short story caught her sisters’ attention. They wanted more than the short story provided. J. Annas Walker expanded it into what became her first novel, The Lost Alchemist.

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Three years have passed since vampire princess Cassy Daniels, Scion of the House of Dracul, gave up her title to turn and marry David Ashe. Together, they live in exile with the Council of Crones, a group of elder witches. Isolated from the world, they found bliss. However, vampire politics soon intrude. Born vampire women are being kidnapped, and Cassy’s next on the list.

After a failed attempt to take Cassy from the Council of Crones estate, magical portals lead back to the missing women. Cassy and David are tasked with bringing them home. David is sent after Elisabeta, Cassy’s sister-in-law, who is still on Earth. Cassy, however, has what it takes to enter the elf-kingdom of Avalon and retrieve the other three vampires.

Can Cassy and David hold on to their bliss, or will Avalon’s magic lure her from home?


David shifted to place Cassy behind him. The prince gave a smirk at the obvious movement. Lady Helena laid her hand on David’s shoulder as if to restrain him. He relaxed but still blocked Cassy from the prince’s immediate grasp.
Cawing from the window ledge drew everyone’s attention to the crow. It spread its wings and gave another loud caw, leaning forward in a clumsy bow. It waited until Lady Ursula held her arm and beckoned it to her. Flapping feathers swooshed over Cassy and David’s head.
The bird landed with more grace than its bow. It leaned its head as close to the elder witch’s face is it could and still remain on her arm. A series of clicks and soft caws added to a set of guttural noises as the bird communicated.
The witch nodded and pulled a treat from her pocket. “Thank you, Obsidian. That was most informative.” She gave the crow its reward and held her arm up higher. It flapped several times before launching itself into the air. It took laps around the tall ceiling and headed back out the window.
“It seems, Prince Vlad, we have a common problem. One of our Mothers has been reported missing in New Atlanta, but we have a magical trace,” Lady Ursula said.
“And vould you be so kind as to tell me vhere the trace led?” Vlad requested.
“To Avalon,” she replied.

Adult Excerpt

More sticky juices flowed down the length of his shaft. She cried out in a wordless scream as the sensation exploded throughout the rest of her body.
Time seemed to stand still for her. The nerves in her body seemed to fire all at once. Her pussy rippled with pleasure. It felt like warm waves of ecstasy crashing into her from every side. She became lost in a sea of joy.
Cassy opened her eyes in time to watch David’s face. He was not going to be able to hold back any longer. She loved this part just as much as her own orgasm.
“I love you. I love having you inside me,” she whispered to him. She watched as he let go of his self-control. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw. The strokes became shorter. His dick began to spasm. Thick ropes of creamy cum filled her pussy, coating her insides with hot, sticky goodness. He let a growl escape as he pressed himself as deeply into her body as he could get. Little aftershocks passed between them.
He lowered himself on top of her, pressing his weight along the length of her body. “I love you, too,” he said.

An Exclusive Just For Lexi DeHalo Readers:

He pulled his fingers from her body and licked them. A deep hum
issued from his throat. Dropping down between her thighs, he lapped
at her folds, humming his moans of satisfaction. Using his thumb, he
rolled her clit in small circles.

Cassy felt her nectar flow from her pussy. Ripples of pleasure
crawled along her skin. A faint silver glow rippled with it, covering
her and David as the magical bond reacted.

David reached down and freed his cock from his pants. He came
up for air long enough to strip his black work polo from his torso.
Resuming his task of tasting Cassy’s juices, he stroked his cock until
it was rock hard in his hand.

Cassy loved watching him handle himself. She gave her nipples a
sharp squeeze and parted her legs as wide as she could. It had the
desired effect, a wash of juices flooded David’s mouth.