Count Down to MOON RESONANCE Release - Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! 

The count down has officially begun for my up coming release, Moon Resonance [Be-Were 4]. I'll be posting teasers, character profiles and pics, and much more through out the week, all leading up to a giveaway on July 9th.

What are the prizes?
-A free copy of Moon Resonance [Be-Were 4] and $10 Strandbucks!

How can you enter?
-Just post a comment below each post that I have up during this week and leave your email address. Each comment counts as one entry so you'll have the opportunity to enter your name 3 times throughout the week! The winner will then be chosen in a random drawing.

To start this whole thing off, I'm posting a never before seen teaser and asking a question for the fans.

So far in the Be-Were series who has been your favorite character?

Xander fumbled with his keys. His heart was racing, and his hands were shaking.
God, what’s wrong with me?
He glanced at the man standing by his side, and he could’ve sworn he felt his heart skip a beat.
Could he be the reason I’m so nervous?
He managed to find the right key and jammed it into the hole. Unlocking the door, he turned to face the man standing next to him. He didn’t dare meet his gaze.
“Well, you have officially walked me home so…” Xander wasn’t sure of what else to say. “I’ll see you later” felt a bit too contrived, especially since Xander knew it was only a lie. As soon as he was alone, Xander planned on packing his bags and leaving town.
“I didn’t catch your name,” the man said in a deep tone that sent a shiver down Xander’s spine.
“Xander. Xander Wilde.” He gnawed on the bottom of his lip, avoiding those piercing golden eyes.
“I’m Charlie Throne. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Charlie leaned against his doorframe as he ran a hand through his dark chestnut-brown hair.
Xander couldn’t help but notice him. Charlie had an exotic look about him with his dark golden eyes staring back at Xander through thick lashes and a square jaw line that framed his perfectly chiseled face. He was the embodiment of sex and Xander yearned for a taste. He felt his cheeks redden, and averted his gaze from the large shifter.
Xander could feel Charlie’s eyes on him, examining every inch, and he suddenly felt self-conscious about his outfit of choice for the day.
This was stupid, he chided himself.
Xander wasn’t usually one to let another man get him so worked up. Hell, he’d never really been attracted to anyone before now, and he was beginning to hate the butterflies in the pit of his stomach as he stood there awkwardly. This was not the time to be crushing on some random dude.
Xander cleared his throat. “Well, it was nice to meet you, too, but I’ve got work to do.”
He pushed open the door, but hesitated. Something about the way Charlie was staring at him almost made him want to pull the man inside and ravish him, but what little self-control he had left wouldn’t let him.
What the hell is happening to me?
This kind of instant attraction was new to Xander. His body ached with desire. He was dying to know what it would feel like to have this massive man’s hands all over him and his cock jumped at the thought. Xander had to bite his lip to keep from moaning out loud.
“I mean, if you don’t mind,” Charlie finished, bringing Xander out of his thoughts. Xander blinked a couple of times as he met Charlie’s gaze. Had he been talking this whole time?
Xander tried to recall what he’d been saying, but it was useless.
 Get ahold of yourself, Xander. He’s just some man. Besides, after today you probably won’t see him again.
That thought struck a chord with him, and Xander realized that the idea of never seeing Charlie again pained a small part of him. This was completely irrational and illogical. He’d just met the guy, for crying out loud.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Xander asked, finding his voice once again.
Charlie’s furrowed brows showed his irritation. “I asked you if you would like to go to dinner with me tonight at that tavern across the street.”
Charlie pointed to one of Xander’s favorite places.
“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” He spoke the words before he had time to think about them.
Christ, did I really just agree to going on a date with him?
The logical part of Xander wanted to tell Charlie that he couldn’t, that he was leaving town and this whole thing was pointless. But he just couldn’t bear to see the disappointment on Charlie’s face, not when he looked so excited.
Charlie’s grin widened. “All right, I’ll be here in a couple of hours to pick you up. Then we can walk over together.”
Before Xander had a chance to say anything else, Charlie turned on his heels and headed down the sidewalk. He paused only for a brief second to look over his shoulder and wave at Xander.
Xander watched as that fine ass disappeared around the corner out of his sight for good. Sighing, he pushed open the door to his place and stepped inside. What he wouldn’t give to be normal right now, but the truth of the matter was, Xander was far from normal. He had no family, he belonged to no pack, and if Charlie really knew the truth about why things hunted him, there was no chance in hell he’d stick around. Xander wouldn’t want him to. Charlie seemed like a nice guy, and that was the problem. The last thing Xander wanted was a guy like Charlie getting mixed up in his mess.
He walked into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. Stepping into the warm shower, Xander felt the instantaneous relief. He enjoyed the feel of the water beating against his aching muscles as he rubbed the soreness out of his neck from where the vampire’s meaty hand had tried to squeeze the life out of him. He could tell just by the sensitivity that it was going to leave another nasty bruise.
Xander closed his eyes and let his thoughts carry him away to another time and place. Maybe if things had been different, he might have actually been able to go on a date with a guy like Charlie instead of fleeing town before he showed to pick him up. Maybe then he’d know what it felt like to get lost in another person until nothing else mattered. He tried to picture it, how it would feel if he ran his hands along those hard muscular plains…touching him…kissing him…fucking him.
“Shit,” Xander cursed aloud as he wrapped his hand around his hard dick. His thumb swirled the mushroom-shaped head, and he imagined it was Charlie touching him. God, what he wouldn’t give to have that man for just one night.


  1. Oh it has to be Sin all the way

  2. Akira is my favorite. Though I will admit I want Jared's story.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  3. My favorite is Sin!

  4. This is going to be awesome!!!


  5. I can't wait. I would have to say Sin.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. It's interesting Sin seems to be the most popular :)

  7. Right now Night and Akira. =)


  8. My favorite so far is Jared. (Cant wait for his story, btw. :)) I love how with each book you seem to learn a little more about their Alpha. And it's interesting seeing the relationship grow between Jared/Dani.

    I am curious about something though, within the second book, Adam has claimed to have already met his destined mate. But, it was never said if Sin did. Is that going to be explored within the later books.. or did I miss something?


  9. it sounds like a good book , i hope the character xander should stay and try to face his problems, i hope he does or he could be missing out on knowing a really great guy he obvious likes .... a lot! i hope it works out for him.

    he will never know true peace if he doesn't.

    and he will regret it forever.

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