Count Down to MOON RESONANCE Release - Part 2

The count down has officially begun for my up coming release, Moon Resonance [Be-Were 4]. I'll be posting teasers, character profiles and pics, and much more through out the week, all leading up to a giveaway on July 9th.

What are the prizes?
-A free copy of Moon Resonance [Be-Were 4] and $10 Strandbucks!

How can you enter?
-Just post a comment below each post that I have up during this week and leave your email address. Each comment counts as one entry so you'll have the opportunity to enter your name 3 times throughout the week! The winner will then be chosen in a random drawing.

Part 2 in the count down is an in depth look at Charlie Throne, the bad boy Enforcer of the East Side Pack.

Question of the day for an additional entry into the contest:
What would your ideal first date be?

Name: Charlie Throne
DOB: March 27
Height: 6’2”
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Pack Enforcer

Food: Orange Tic Tacs
Book: The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton
Movie: The Dark Knight
Song: Renegade by Styx

Charlie grew up, following in the footsteps of his adoptive father, Adam. At age eighteen, he joined the Enforcers and quickly made his way up through the ranks. Despite his party boy attitude, Charlie’s biggest hope for the future is to find his mate and settle down with a simple life.


  1. I can not wait for be were 4.
    My perfect 1st date is going some place were we could talk and get to know each other, either over coffee or food.

    Thank you

  2. sounds like a cool book , he's a playboy type but deep down he just wants the simple things in life find their soul mate and settle down.

    ( my email address is

  3. I want a picnic first date. Somewhere quiet and fun.

    smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

  4. My ideal first date, is actually my very own first date. (Well, the first one my parents know of, heh.) Anyhow, we went to the local theme park. And he somehow convinced me to go on the Ferris Wheel, to this day I don't know how he convinced me to get on this thing since I have a fear of heights. We're on the wheel, the ride's moving pretty easily and slow for the first few moments. About half way into the ride, it break's down with our bucket just about to turn over upon the top of the wheel. By now I start to freak out, I can't help but look down and panic. Instead of laughing at me, he take's my hand into his, points to the sun that's now starting to set and begins to sing to me. 'Some where over the Rainbow'. It took about twenty minutes for them to get the ride going ago, and he never stopped singing. There was a few song's, but that's the one I remember the most. He calmed me pretty easily with that.

    So, a trip to your local theme park, followed up with a ride on the Ferris Wheel with the one your with singing for you. Chasing your fear's away. :)