Sneak Peak: Last Kiss Goodbye

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop by and give a sneak peak at my upcoming release, Last Kiss Goodbye book One in the Southlands Series. There's not been a release date set yet, but I'm pretty excited for this release and just couldn't wait to share it!


Last Kiss Goodbye [the Southlands 1]

Haunting memories and shattered dreams of a life he left behind lead Karson Maddox back to Southlands, Montana and the one man he can’t forget, Marcus Debonair. But Karson is a changed man, scarred by the chains of his past that are unwilling to let him go, and he doesn’t know if he can be the man Marcus once loved or if he will be forever bound to the horrors that plague him.

With his lover’s disappearance, Marcus repressed his pain and heartache by devoting his time to his family’s ranch. When Karson shows up on his doorstep five years later, battered and bruised, Marcus is torn between protecting the one man who stole his heart and the fear of betrayal. 

As desire and passion reignite, the secrets surrounding Karson’s past threaten to tear them apart once again, and Marcus will learn just how far he’s willing to go to keep Karson safe from the demons that threaten both of their lives.

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The Southlands End. 

The orange neon words hung high above the doorway, glowing brightly in the nighttime sky. The loud music playing inside could be heard clearly from the crowded parking lot. This place was meant to serve as a safe haven for the shifter kind who resided in Southlands, Montana, but to Karson Maddox it only served as a reminder of the life that had been stolen from him.

He took a deep breath and inhaled the smell of the familiar rugged landscape. Montana had been the place he’d called home for many years until that fateful night had changed his life forever. After five years, Karson had finally made it back home but now he was uncertain of what awaited him on the other side of those metal doors and frankly, he didn’t care. The only thing he cared about was Marcus.

Reaching out with a shaky hand, he opened the door and stepped inside. He was instantly greeted by the bouncers set in place to keep wandering mundanes out. Mundane was a common term shifters used when referring to the majority of the human population. It wasn’t so much meant as an insult as it was a notation of the difference between humans and non-humans.

“Passcode,” The large one on the left requested in a less than pleasant manner. His voice was deep and the brown eyes that glared down at him were none that Karson recognized.

He ran a nervous hand through his shaggy hair. “I don’t know it, but—“

Before Karson could even get the rest of his sentence out, the other bouncer who had yet to speak grabbed ahold of his arm and yanked him back outside.

“Hey, wait a minute. Lemme go!” Karson struggled against the painful grip around his slender arm. “I’m here to see Marcus.”

His words did little to stop the two shifters from removing him from the building. They tossed him to the ground like a rag doll and the sting from the gravel scraping against his exposed flesh burned like a son of a bitch. 

He glared up at the two men, rage coursing through his veins. Their harsh handlings sent Karson over the edge and before he could control his inner wolf, he lunged at them. His fist collided with the jaw of the taller man, but despite the pain that radiated up his arm, his target appeared to be unfazed by the blow.

“Fuck,” he cursed as he shook his hand in an attempt to free it from the ache that emanated from his knuckles.

“Is there a problem here?”

His heart caught at the sound of the slight southern drawl. The world around him seemed to fade away when he looked up and met his mate’s eyes for the first time in five years. 

Marcus Debonair stood in front of him, dressed in a pair of dark wash Wranglers and his favorite pair of cowboy boots. His white shirt was left partially unbuttoned, no doubt to showcase his well-muscled chest. Strands of his blond hair fell in front of his ice blue eyes as he stared down at Karson. The chiseled features of his face had hardened with the years, but everything else was just as he had remembered.

Karson’s mouth went dry. He tried to find the words he’d rehearsed earlier in the day, but nothing came to him. Instead, all he could do was gaze upon the only man he’d ever loved.

“Karson?” Marcus whispered as recognition finally kicked in. A look of shock and confusion fell upon his face as the pain and agony of the past few years shimmered inside the depths of Marcus’s piercing blue eyes. Karson yearned to reach out to him, to comfort him, but he held his ground. So much had changed between them and yet the emotions that had reawakened inside Karson now felt very much the same as they had all those years ago. Tears pooled in his eyes and he tried desperately to hold them back. He’d told himself he wasn’t going to cry.

“Sir, you know this man?” the large shifter Karson had punched questioned Marcus with disbelief in his voice.

Marcus gave a slow nod, his eyes never leaving Karson. “Yes… he’s my mate.”


  1. Ohhh~~ Nice, nice! xD ahaha... so excited!
    Do you mind if I ask who this will be released with? Resplendence publishing?

    1. Since this is a side project I've been working on for a while, I have decided to go ahead and offer it on 3rd party sites only (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and ARe). This way I can offer it at a lower price and get some more advertising :) It will be available on amazon only for the first 3 months, then after that it will be available on the others. I will make an announcement once I've heard back from the editor with a release date.

    2. Oooohh~~ I see, I see.
      Darn... I'm gonna have to wait 3 months.. :/
      ahah...but still excited for it! Yay! Really looking forward to it~

    3. I may have some free giveaways coming up soon *hint hint* ;)